The last few days I’ve been asking myself:
 Why are we so afraid to dream big?

I recently finished listening to a book by renowned entrepreneur and speaker Grant Cardone, and it really slapped me in the face.  The book aptly named, The 10 X Rule, talks about multiplying our goals by 10 in order to reap remarkable results.  Grant postulates that ordinary goals yield ordinary results- and the only way to get extraordinary results is to set extraordinary goals. It’s an obvious, straightforward assertion, but it really forced me to re-examine my own goals in an eye-opening way.

Last month, when setting milestones for Habit, I’d set humble goals- goals way below average, let alone extraordinary. Why was I so afraid to dream big?

Fear of failure.

It’s so funny how we set ourselves up for mediocrity by setting goals that are a modicum above what we are living now. We let our egos set limits on our dreams. Why not dream as big as the sky is wide? Maybe because we are afraid we don’t have what it takes to see it through?

Up to this point, I have been gingerly stepping around building Habit Activ, but this thing is not going to get built on fairy dust and well wishes. Anything great requires grit and perseverance. If I am going to invest my time and sacrifice the comfort of a steady paycheck to build something, it better be great.

Like Cardone states in his book, if we set small goals we get small energy. The big energy needed to move mountains only comes from big intention to achieve BIG GOALS. 

I’ve resolved to set bigger goals, my biggest yet- and show up every day with full intention and focus.  I refuse to let my dreams scare me any longer. We are all worthy of our wildest dreams, but if we can’t believe that in our hearts then how can we muster up the courage to take the steps needed to see it through?

What small goals have you been setting? Can you revisit those goals and revise them? Supersize them? What do you really want out of life? If you are going to work every day- then work hard- and make it count! 

Give more. Get More.





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