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Happy last Monday of the decade! Ahh what a great year 2019 has been for me. I faced some personal challenges head on, and was able to achieve personal growth and a deeper sense of self-love that I never thought possible. It feels so nice to end the year with a heart full of gratitude.


This past weekend I was contemplating- that word- Self Love. It’s such an overused term- I started to loose sight of what it really means. I suppose for each person it’s different. For me, its something I take very seriously. My whole life is set up around my relationship with myself. My wellness journey – eating right, exercising, proper sleep, mediating- all those components stem from wanting to provide the best quality of life for my Self.


Self Love boils down to listening to your inner guide. Self- love is the reason I quit my job to pursue my creative ventures full time. I was so unhappy at work and as a result of this deep connection I have cultivated with myself it was impossible to ignore those feelings any longer. Self love is really just about seeing yourself from the outside, as a person- your person- your first gift- your first responsibility. If you can’t make time or adjust your life to make your Self thrive then everything else- all the work you do, all the relationships you hope to cultivate will wither is in vain. If the self is tired or neglected then everything else you partake in will reflect those sentiments.


At the beginning of this year, after quitting Habit in 2017, I decided to try again, and one thing I am doing different this time around is making my Self a priority. As a creative entrepreneur with a tendency to overachieve – overworking is in my nature. In the last 6 years of building Habit if I’ve learned nothing- it is that hard work does not always pay off if there is no balance. I much prefer balanced- sustainable effort- to maximum effort that results in burnout. It’s like the equivalent of going to gym for 24 hours straight and expecting to see results. Results don’t happen over night, and our bodies, like our endeavors, need rest and love to grow. I make sure to take time off on weekends, spend time with loved ones, and nurture my body. I hope for 2020 you re-commit to doing the same- because just like any relationship- your relationship with your Self requires re-commitment and forgiveness.


Hope 2020 brings so much success and the deepest feeling of self-love yet.


Below you’ll find an excellent article I stumbled upon about the “Unbaked Cake Theory.” It provides some great insights to why patience and self love are important to any journey. 



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