At the beginning of this month I quit my day job to pursue my side hustle full time. I am sharing my journey into this new and exciting chapter in my life via an Instagram TV series I started called “Making It.” I’ve added a link to Episode 1 at the bottom of this post.

Each week I will post a recap of takeaways and lessons I have learned on my journey into the unknown. My hope is that my experiences will inspire you on your own journey towards living the life you have always dreamed of.

For anyone thinking about quitting there day job to pursue their side hustle full time- or embarking on a dramatic life change, here’s a recap of the takeaways from Episode 1 of “Making it”:


  • Mentally prepare yourself for unforeseen obstacles. Since starting Habit Activ in 2013 the biggest lesson I have learned is  that things never go according to plan- so plan for it! How can we plan for the unexpected? By recognizing that they are inevitable and greeting them with an open mind when they show up. Be curious when problems arise – instead of saying “this is too hard” I give up- say “How can I solve this?” I have found there is always a solution lying within the problem, but an open mind is the only way to unlock it.


  • Surround yourself with people that believe in you. This seems obvious – but it becomes even more significant when you are gearing up to take a big leap of faith. Fear is highly contagious. Our nerves feed off fear like feral hogs off rotting animal carcasses. We all know the people in our lives who might think, “pursuing our dreams” “starting that business” “changing our eating habits” is stupid and impossible. Fuck those people. No offense, but seriously- keep your distance, at least for now. At the start of your journey, you will need all the positive energy you can muster. Surrounding yourself with friends or family who don’t believe in your desire to change will only slow you down. So maybe for the next few months- keep a cordial distance. Instead, fill your time with the men and women in your circle who want to see you win- who can support you and give you words of encouragement when things don’t go according to plan. Its up to you to set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with tools and people that make winning feel achievable.


  • Don’t get caught up in the big “HOW,” instead focus on immediately actionable next steps. In the past, there have been many moments where I sit here and think about the how; It’s a rabbit hole.  How will Habit monetize? How will I find customers? How will I live off my savings? I could go on for days. Thinking about the “how” is paralyzing. And that’s the problem! When I am sitting on my couch worrying about how, I am not moving. I am not taking the day-to-day steps that are necessary to climb this mountain. This time around, when I find myself creeping back into the “how -rabbit hole” – I stop myself and pull myself back out by focusing on what I can immediately do. There are things I can do at this very moment that will take me one step closer to my goal- so I focus on that. Don’t let how take you away from now. There is so much more power in the now.


Ahh- so much to take in and we’re only on week 1! I am so glad I get to share this journey with you. Hope you tune in for next week’s episode.


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