As I continue to focus on doing less to create more things of value, and maintain a better quality of life, I’ve slowed down the frequency of this newsletter from weekly, to bi-weekly. This week I thought I would share some interesting articles that might inspire you to EAT, SLEEP, AND MOVE better:


I’ve been experimenting with extended fasting periods (16-40 hours) for about a year now and beyond the increased willpower and physical benefits it has done wonders for my mental health. Here’s a great PubMed white paper published in Current Neuropharmacology on the potential benefits of calorie restriction for treating depression and anxiety.



We’ve all had nights where falling asleep seems close to impossible. Through much trial and error I have found that I can fall asleep fastest when I meditate right before bed. Here’s a great article on a recent study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine that found, in randomized clinical trials, mindfulness meditation actually helped middle age people struggling with insomnia and fatigue get a better nights rest.

Mindfulness meditation helps fight insomnia, improves sleep

If meditation is something you would like to try I highly recommend Neuroscientist, and author, Sam Harris’s Waking Up App. You can read an excellent review on his guided meditation course here.


Looking for more motivation to squeeze in that early morning sweat? A recent study found that people who exercise before breakfast burn twice as much fat as those who workout after breakfast.

Increase health benefits of exercise by working out before breakfast



I hope you continue to make time for yourself, until next time!





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