It’s as if we attach our Self worth to how much things we can scratch off our ‘to-do’ list. Our instant gratification culture has cornered us into a mindset that tells us we must do it all, and have it all- now.

This frenetic rush “to-do” is driving us haywire.

The truth is we are valuable regardless of how many tasks we get done. Life is SO MUCH MORE than a to-do list, and as we constantly rush toward future goals- we’re missing out on the joys of where we are RIGHT NOW.

Whenever I start habitually piling on projects and self-imposed deadlines, I am reminded of “The Law of Diminishing Returns,” which states that after a certain threshold, doing more, actually negatively impacts our output. When our brain is overloaded with “to-do’s” its hard to focus, hard to complete tasks, and easy to make mistakes. So running around like a chicken with your head cut off is not going to bring you the success, feelings of self-worth, or happiness you seek. It will just make you tired, miserable, and less productive overall.

Last week I made a conscious decision to go on a “to-do” list diet.

That doesn’t mean I gave up on all my goals; it just means I am choosing to focus on less, and take things one-step at a time. Slowing down allows me to enjoy the ride, focus more intently, produce a better quality of work, and have more free time for loved ones. When I move slowly, I feel more balanced, more at peace, more like my true Self, and according to the principles of economics, this makes me more efficient in the long run!

I love a good win-win.  

Life it is fleeting and unpromised, why not stop and savor it.

What “to-do’s” can you give up this week? I promise, it will feel good to let go.





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