This past July, I had the privilege of taking a magical trip to Kauai, to visit a friend on his organic farm. On the island there was no shortage of outdoor sights to see, and I was determined to take in as much as I could. One morning, while I had some alone time, I decided to hike a trail called The Sleeping Giant. I was a bit nervous, as I had never hiked before, and the weather was set up to rain, but something in my gut said, “Go for it- you won’t regret it. “ At one point on the trail, when I was still climbing up, I started to head downward, and a bit of panic set it. Fuck, I thought. Had I taken a wrong turn? Why was I moving in a downward direction when I was supposed to be climbing “up” a mountain? Stalled by a moment of fear, I took a few deep breaths and decided to press on. Eventually the mountain returned to its uphill slope and I made it to the top. Not just the top, but the tippy top. The view was both mind altering and humbling. It was as if I had faced a fear and the gods were rewarding me with a priceless view.

As I reflect on that hike, two things stand out: 1. ALWAYS LISTEN TO THAT INNER VOICE THAT SAYS ‘GO FOR IT!’ – Like any muscle, the more I exercise my gut the stronger it gets. 2. Those moments when I felt like I was going downward I was still in fact moving up the mountain. If I had let the momentary downward slope of the trail fool me into thinking I was going the wrong way, I might’ve easily panicked, turned around, and missed the magic that awaited me at the very top.

Success in life, whether personal or professional, is never linear. Much like my hike, it is a culmination of ups AND downs, so why not embrace it all. You might be surprised at the view that awaits you.


, Crystal



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