When we hit the gym we want big muscles, or in the case of us Miami girls, big butts 😉 because society tells us – that bigger is always better. Get the big job so you can get the big house, get a bigger following so you can make a bigger impact- it seems that our quest to be big, in every facet of our life, is ceaseless. As I consider Habit Activ’s growth and continue to set my intentions for the brand’s future- I really began to ask myself why? Why is bigger better? What about the power of small? What about micro impacts that add up over time? What about small followings that lead to more meaningful connections? Does this brand need to be BIG to be significant? Honestly, I don’t think so.

The difference between me, and the Nikes or Lululemons of the world is my smallness, and instead of fighting that – perhaps I can leverage it. By resting in my smallness I am more agile and more responsive to customer feedback. I can also create pieces and content that speaks more specifically to the needs of my smaller more targeted base. Because I am small- I have less on the line and am able to experiment more- this openness to experimentation postures me for more innovation down the road. By creating a smaller product offering I can focus on the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces I design- so you might not be able to buy a new Habit Activ product every week or even month- but when you do buy something you can rest assured it will last you for seasons to come. For me, staying small allows me to better serve my community and allows me to create well thought out products that I can stand behind with the fullness of my being. Perhaps there are areas of your life where you feel you need “more growth” to be meaningful- and maybe upon further reflection you might see that what you have is already big enough?

Here’s a wonderful article on tiny creatures in nature with big impacts. I hope it inspires you to embrace yourself where you are now- big or small.

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, Crystal



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