Last Week I started a New Diet

It’s as if we attach our Self worth to how much things we can scratch off our ‘to-do’ list. Our instant gratification culture has cornered us into a mindset that tells us we must do it all, and have it all- now. This frenetic rush “to-do” is driving us haywire. The...

What nature can teach us about success

This past July, I had the privilege of taking a magical trip to Kauai, to visit a friend on his organic farm. On the island there was no shortage of outdoor sights to see, and I was determined to take in as much as I could. One morning, while I had some alone time, I...

Bigger isn’t always better

When we hit the gym we want big muscles, or in the case of us Miami girls, big butts 😉 because society tells us – that bigger is always better. Get the big job so you can get the big house, get a bigger following so you can make a bigger impact- it seems that our...



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