Maybe we think we are not good enough to get it, but the truth is, there are so many opportunities waiting for those bold enough to ask. Life is waiting for you to get up the courage to ask. Ask more, ask with intention, ask without concern for what other might think- because if you don’t ask for yourself who will ask on your behalf? There have been MANY moments in my life where I have had to ask- ask for things I was scared I wouldn’t get- ask because I knew that asking was the only way to get it. At one of those moments, not too long ago, when I was asking my boss for a raise, I wrote down a list of 10 reasons why I should ask – as a sort of call to arms. I’d love to share them with you incase you are at a point in your life where you want more- but feel nervous, as we all do, about asking.

And incase you need scientific data to back up the power of asking, and asking again,

published in Stanford Business Insight magazine on how we grossly overestimate the chances that our requests for help will be denied. Life is short. Count your blessings, give abundantly, and NEVER BE AFRAID to Ask for more. YOU DESERVE IT.


, Crystal



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