Hope you all stayed dry and had a great Labor Day weekend.

Here’s an insanely great article I came across on Newsweek, just goes to show the urgency of proper diet. Even if you are a size deemed “healthy” by societal standards, your body needs proper nutrients and a well-balanced diet to thrive!

Teenager Went Blind After Only Eating Fries, Chips, White Bread and Meat

September 02, 2019 A teenager who only ate five different foods went blind despite having no visible signs he was malnourished, according to his doctor. The unnamed boy visited his family doctor complaining he was tired, according to a case study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. The doctor learned the boy was a “fussy eater,” but he looked well. Tests revealed he was anemic and had low levels of vitamin B12. By the age of 15, his hearing and vision started to fade.

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