A couple of months ago I started doing track workouts at Flamingo Park on Sobe; the experience has been as grueling as it’s been rewarding. Something about doing a workout that scares me, first thing in the morning, really sets my day up for success. As I’ve become a regular at the track, I have come to recognize a few familiar faces. One face in particular, is that of an older gentleman who jog-walks around the track every morning. It’s commendable that someone his age, who is not particularly fit, is taking the initiative to show up and do the work. What made him stand out though was not his grit, but rather the noise he makes as he drags his feet across the track. He emits a low painful “ugghh” with every step! A series of sounds so unsettling and so energy-draining that I find myself waiting until he has passed from within earshot to continue my workout.

My immediate thought was, “So you’ve shown up to do the work but you’re just gonna moan and groan the whole time?!” I paused to consider, how many times in my own life I’ve shown up to do a task- begrudgingly. This older man was showing me how ridiculous I look when I do that. I thought of all the energy we waste, complaining- rather than doing. It became obvious that his attitude and incessant moaning was making his task that much harder. At the end of the day, the race of life has to be run, and how we do the work that we must inevitably do- is just as important as showing up itself.

Here’s an excellent article for anyone weighing the pros and cons of working out in the morning versus working out in the evening.


, Crystal



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