Beyond the obvious muscle groups in our body, I woke up today contemplating our ability to be kind and generous, for that too is a muscle. Last week I found myself in a position to give when I did not necessarily want to- in fact, I felt a little indignant about giving. This reluctancy to give made me uneasy and upon further introspection, I realized that the moment was actually calling me to strengthen my ‘generosity muscle’. By pushing myself beyond the limits of what I would normally do, I am strengthening my ability to support the world around me. Could I then answer this call to give, using the same, “push- past- discomfort- mentality- because -I –know- this- is- good- for- me” I use during my workouts? Yessss. Because, when we give to others, it feels good- so goooood, after. The mood boost that comes from giving to others is the universe’s way of sustaining itself. We cannot thrive as an interconnected ecosystem if we are not taking care of each other. Infact, a habit of generosity has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of your life and lower stress. Win! Win! Here’s an awesome infographic on the

Give more. Get More.


, Crystal



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