You don’t need a brand new pair of gym shoes to have a killer workout. So many times in life we sell ourselves short by convincing ourselves that we need newer, faster, stronger to get the job done. We hold ourselves hostage with limiting narratives that tell us, what we need to achieve our goals lies outside of ourselves. Every time I begrudgingly throw on my dusty Nikes, or catch myself saying, “If I only had this…I could get the job done” I am reminded of Jim Thorpe the 1912 Native American Olympian whose shoes got stolen right before a race. Instead of complaining about his misfortune, he fished out a pair of mismatched shoes from the trash and went on to win, not one, but two, gold medals.

The items we use to accomplish our goals are just items- and nothing without our intent. Instead of focusing on what we lack why not focus on a way to make do with what we have. When we step into an empowered mindset we turn on our innate power to create whatever we can imagine out of far less than we would’ve guessed. Instead ask yourself what change can I start / continue today with what I already have? Wishing you a MOMENT full of gratitude for all that you already have, and possibility for all that is to come!



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