Morning vs Evening workout

A couple of months ago I started doing track workouts at Flamingo Park on Sobe; the experience has been as grueling as it’s been rewarding. Something about doing a workout that scares me, first thing in the morning, really sets my day up for success. As I’ve...

Monday Motivation

EVERYTHING IS A MUSCLE Beyond the obvious muscle groups in our body, I woke up today contemplating our ability to be kind and generous, for that too is a muscle. Last week I found myself in a position to give when I did not necessarily want to- in fact, I felt a...

Mid Week Motivation

You don’t need a brand new pair of gym shoes to have a killer workout. So many times in life we sell ourselves short by convincing ourselves that we need newer, faster, stronger to get the job done. We hold ourselves hostage with limiting narratives that tell us, what...



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