Fasting to change my life.

The more I reflect on my last post, where I talked about discipline being a necessary component of love the more I began to recognize that mastery in all parts of life requires a certain amount of discipline.  The only thing stopping us from achieving our wildest dreams/ desire is our inability to follow through when things become uncomfortable – consistency over time equals discipline. For many, if not all of us, starting out strong with a great idea- a new habit, or whatever change we are seeking to create is not the problem- its when the initial climate changes- when factors become less than ideal and we reach obstacles that require us to buckle down and remember our greater why– its then that our initial enthusiasm quickly wanes, like clockwork.  We stop, we create excuses as to why we must change course- or better yet, give up altogether.

Changing course, not seeing things through, or losing excitement when situations become less than ideal is definitely something I have battled with as both an artist and an entrepreneur. The stop and start of projects can not only be frustrating but also the very thing holding me back from my breakthroughs. I always say, the moment we realize that we are the only thing standing in our way – its both the most frustrating and the most liberating moment. Recognizing that will power is not my strong suit I am constantly looking for ways to sharpen mental focus and increase willpower.  Regular vigorous exercise has helped because there are many days I don’t feel like waking up early to go for a sweat but I have trained myself to get up and do it without much thought or room for bargaining my way out of it. I have seen my confidence increase dramatically from my ability to stick to grueling workout routines.

Another practice that has allowed me to make strides in the area of cultivating my willpower is fasting. If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be someone who fasts regularly, I would have laughed you out of the produce section at Publix. Fast forward to present day, and my understanding of its benefits on both a spiritual and physiological level have made it something I had to adopt into my wellness arsenal. I play around with the lengths of my fasts with the goal of increasing the duration slowly over time. The capacity to set my mind to something and achieve it regardless of the level of perceived discomfort is a skill that has already lead to some serious breakthroughs in other areas of my life. Through fasting, I have witnessed my own ability to withstand physical discomfort and truly put my mind over matter. This feeling is liberating. To be in full alignment with the body and mind is something that I have experienced through my fasting practice. I am finally understanding just how much we get in our own way- and while discipline is not easy- it does not mean it is difficult or impossible to cultivate.  Once we overcome our codependency on food- then we can recognize other areas of our life where we are holding onto ideas and thoughts that are no longer serving us. By mastering our will in the face of the uncomfortable, not only do we reap a host of health benefits but we witness our ability to do things we once thought impossible. Recognizing this superpower can change our worlds indefinitely. 592387


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