Chasing the No- 10 weeks of rejection to boost my self-confidence.

Last week I began a new DIY experiment to help me with more mindset shifting. For the last few years, I have been preoccupied with changing my experience by changing my perception of the situaition- instead of focusing on the actual physical parameters of the situation itself. This intentional focus on mindset shifting has allowed me to truly experience an alternate reality from the one I once knew.

I call this particular experiment game, ‘Chasing the No.’ The goal of the exercise is to rid myself of my deep-seated fear of rejection. Fear left unchecked for far too long, fear that I suspect has been holding me back from significant breakthroughs. I’ve long struggled with crippling self-doubt- likely due to traumatic events that took place when I was a child. As I now work to address that trauma, it is only natural that facing my self-doubt, head on would eventually happen.

My attempt is to disarm the word NO/s power from my experience – make it the thing I seek, instead of the thing that paralyzes me with fear- reframe it as a desirable thing- make “NO!” the goal.  Over the next 10 weeks, I am aiming for 100 NO’s. ( i feel like 10 no’s a week will be doable- hopefully.) The request can be about anything, love life, career, side hustle- as long as I feel a sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about reaching out to that person- I will ask. My firm belief is that our big “yes” is buried deep in a jungle of No’s and if we aren’t willing to hack through those no’s fearlessly, with our subconscious cutlass- then we will need more lifetimes yet to get to that glorious yes. But deeper than that- what if I could through this process- demystify the word no. Stop connecting other peoples approval to my self-worth- that is the ultimate goal. Full disclosure, I am also interested to see if any big yes’s come my way because I am showing up and telling the universe that I am not afraid of a no, I am not afraid of what people think, I am willing to trust my gut to lead the way.





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