Am I good enough to be an “athlete”?

As I navigate the dubious, ever-winding path of selfhood- I have often pondered the importance of title- and the arbitrary weight we give to it. Having bartended for many years as a means to support my artistic and entrepreneurial pursuits- I have fallen victim to self-limiting concepts that come with clinging to titles. I hated … Continue reading Am I good enough to be an “athlete”?

Body Love: An ode to my belly.

  You could say I have dieted or been on some form of a diet since I was about 10 years old. I put on weight in the later part of elementary school, likely as a response to the trauma I faced as a child. But without proper guidance- I thought it was just me … Continue reading Body Love: An ode to my belly.

There’s a supercomputer in your head. Are you taking care of it?

The brain is the most important organ in our body, and with the steady increase in national prevalence of depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and dementia- conditions that all stem from brain health it is obvious that we need to focus more on caring for the beautiful, magically supercomputer inside of our heads.